Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tales of Tuesday

Today Laura and Sammie taught on reading and language. Teaching reading is always a struggle with deaf kids so the teachers were very excited to learn more strategies. Laura made a huge impression with her knowledge, education and experience, and she and Sammie were great role models for deaf and hearing teachers working together. Sammie announced at the start of the day that teachers were going to be pulled out of their comfort zones, and she was right!

Unfortunately, Quita was not able to join us during the morning sessions. Last night she was walking back to the house and she tripped over on some St. Augustine. The laptop survived but Quita's neck didn't fair as well. Now that the stress of getting here and giving her workshop was finished, she needed some time to recover. When she walked in at lunch time, everyone cheered and were very happy to have her back with us.

This evening was the teachers' night on the town. We went to the Hip Strip, the touristy section of Mo Bay, for several hours. Some people did some shopping or just walked down Glouster Street. Laura and Maureen went in search of ice cream, but most of us did some night swimming at Sunset Beach. In the bay there is very little surf and the water is clearer than a swimming pool, so we had fun just floating and talking. Sammie and Janice actually managed to get cold, but stretching out in the water and relaxing helped Quita's neck to loosen up.

Now it's 11:15 and Janice and Quita are setting up for tomorrow's workshop. The rest of us are sitting around at our kitchen table talking with Andicea, one of the Deaf teachers from Mo Bay.

Tomorrow's presentations:

Janice - classroom management
Jennifer - Individualized Edcuation Plans (IEPs)
Sammie and Laura - Compeletion of Reading Strategies
Maureen - special break-out session with vocational teachers
Sammie - interpreting (hearing)
Laura - interpreting (deaf)

Please pray for us all!

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