Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Montage

Remember Clarence in It's a Wonderful Life? "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." Well today we figured out that "Every time the breeze blows, someone is praying for us." So we'd like to start today's blog by saying thank you, and we beg you to pray a whole lot more! It's a stiffling kind of sticky-muggy-humid here in Mo Bay. Even the folks who live here all the time acknowledge that it is HOT.

But the good news is that Quita's presentation went well. The teachers and principals were excited to see the manipulatives that ETA Cuisinaire donated and most of them were eager to learn how to use them. Some of these teachers had to really step out of their comfort zone when Quita "forced" them to put their pencils away and solve problems with Base 10 blocks, but in the end they liked such a visual, tactile and kinesthetic approach to math.

This evening after a dinner of sweet and sour fish (which wasn't as scary as some of us had envisioned) we had a social. No one quite knew what to expect, but a good time was had by all. We played some classic party games like Musical Chairs, Black Magic and Pebbles in a Pond. We all just got silly and did some dancing and a whole lot of laughing. Janice showed off the dance she learned last year at Knockpatrick, and Maureen and Sammie had the opportunity to participate in the balloon burst relay. (Don't ask - you'll have to wait for the pictures!) It was a great chance to build some unity. The social let us break some barriers between deaf and hearing, CCCD and MMBC, and the three individual campuses.

I must cut my post short because Sammie needs the computer to make some adjustments to her PowerPoint for tomorrow. She and Laura had more opportunity to talk to the teachers and see what they needed, so they are being flexible and modifying their presentation.

Praise God that Quita's lesson was a success and pray that teachers can interalize what they learned and bring it back to their classrooms. Pray God's blessing and guidance on Laura and Sammie as they present tomorrow. And please... pray for a breeze!

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