Saturday, July 4, 2009

Prayer for Saturday

Prayer of Faith and Declaration ~ Tommy Tenney
Lord, fill my heart with passion from Your heart. Fill my mind with the thoughts and principles of the mind of Christ. Fill my mouth with the words You wish me to speak, and strengthen my soul with the courage to declare them to the desert of death and prophesy them to the winds of adversity.

You have commanded me to speak, so I speak as an oracle of God with the ability You supply. You have anointed me to minister, so I serve with the humility of a servant and the love of my Savior.

I declare a season of resurrection, a season when the glory of God will fill the earth and Jesus Christ will be glorified through the Church. I release the healing power of the blood of the Lamb over my region to the glory of God.
I release the passion of God in my home, my church and my city to open the heavens. I release the resurrection power of God to destroy the works of the Enemy and to raise up the lost souls of my city and region.

I declare with divinely delegated authority based on God’s unchanging Word that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life and all that concerns me. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.

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